Experienced Bodyguards to Shield You From Harm

For more than 35 years, Five-0 has provided professional bodyguards for executives, movie stars, and VIPs throughout Los Angeles and other southern California locations. We recruit the most elite group of security and investigative professionals in the field. We select from current and former military personnel, police officers, FBI agents, and Secret Service agents. With our intensive screening and training programs, our bodyguards can handle and deter any emergency situation, while understanding the importance of discretion, flexibility, and integrity.

For peace of mind and ease of movement, turn to Five-0 to provide discrete security tailored to your specific requirements. With your participation, we will evaluate your situation and implement an effective security plan. Our flexibility enables us to provide long or short-term bodyguards for people on the move or in a wide variety of venues, including homes, businesses, and public events.

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Your First & Last Line of Defense

Everyone has a fundamental right to security, which the forces of law and order cannot guarantee alone. More often than not, the mere presence of a Five-0 officer is enough to turn a rabid fan, corporate turncoat, or wild thrill-seeker into a quiet spectator. We are experienced in defusing situations before they develop into crises.

If a crisis does manifest itself, our bodyguards insulate the protectee from danger and physical harm. Once the crisis is quelled, we create a degree of insulation, further removing the protectee from devious legal assault. In the unfortunate event that a negative situation does materialize, the protectee is cocooned by our years of training and experience, permitting them to perform their task as planned, without serious interruption.

VIP Protection

Our private security services are designed for executives, senior managers, celebrities, VIPs, diplomats, and civil servants traveling throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and abroad, who are perceived to be at risk from physical attack, kidnapping, unwanted attention, or embarrassment. This includes high or low-profile clients requiring either individual or team protection. The level of protection is commensurate with our risk assessment and in accordance with the client's requirements.

Safety in All Situations

The problems involved in security and protection result from the inherent unpredictability of people and situations. Both explicit risks and implicit dangers need to be accounted for, regardless of whom or what is causing the problem.

Therefore, Five-0 has inevitably become a notable task force of individuals whose specialized know-how and wealth of experience make them particularly qualified to assume responsibility for the security and protection of individuals and goods. Our employees plan each specific assignment using a combination of virtual reality simulation, risk analysis, and expert defensive tactics and measures.

Our Services

All our protection services are conducted discretely and with complete confidentiality. We offer you services in the most delicate personal security matters, including:

Armed Bodyguards |Corporate Security | Estate Security | Event & Party Security | Executive Security | Personal Security Escorts | Stalker Deterrence | Surveillance | Workplace Violence

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